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Digital Marketing

Foolhat can optimise your website for organic search results, run your Google Ads, deliver paid & organic content on social media, and report on your digital metrics.

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Web Analytics

We have extensive experience working with businesses to identify key web metrics, implement data collection for them, and provide clear & consistent reporting on key metrics alongside general data.

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Search Optimisation

We keep a finger on the pulse of the demands of search engines, and use knowledge of web development & digital marketing to keep clients trending positive in organic search engine results.

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Paid Search Marketing

We create and manage paid search, display, and shopping ads for businesses and organisations across a wide range of industries,and integrate paid search as part of broader digital strategies.

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Organic Social

We help businesses and organisations make the most out of organic social media. Since major changes to organic content delivery, we advise taking a curatorial approach to get the most out of unpaid social media content.

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Paid Social

We plan, create, deliver, optimise, and report on paid social content for businesses and organisations, with a critical focus on real-world outcomes, not just putting numbers in spreadsheets.

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Get in touch and tell us about your digital marketing project and we'll see if we're a good fit.