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The Digital Advice You need

Delivered with a fool's candor

We help small-to-medium businesses create, improve, and scale highly effective digital brands & presences with action & advice for your strategy, digital marketing, content creation, and access to frontend development expertise to make a website that's worthy of presenting your work.

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Websites you can be proud of

Frontend Development

Foolhat builds performant, accesible, and visually stunning frontends with all the things you've heard of, and a bunch that you haven't. We can help with WordPress, Shopify, React, Svelte, and more.

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Show the world your greatness

Digital Marketing

Foolhat can optimise your website for organic search results, run your Google Ads, deliver paid & organic content on social media, and report on your digital metrics.

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Make your work look good

Content Creation

Foolhat can create compelling visual & written content on behalf of your brand with capacity for photography, graphic & web design, and copywriting.

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Make it all make sense

Brand & Strategy

The best website and content in the world won't make the difference if you don't have a plan. Foolhat can help you architect the future success and growth of your brand.

Full Capability

A one-stop shop for everything digital

Keep the efficiency of your outsourcing costs high! Foolhat covers everything you need to make your brand great, so you won't lose time & efficiency of your spend on communication between multiple service providers. We know what you do, and how to make it shine.

Latest From Our Dev Blog

Musings about web development, digital marketing, free & open source software, and more.

  • A Simple Script for HTML <dialog>s
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    A Simple Script for HTML <dialog>s

    A quick & simple script that makes it easy to open HTML dialog elements based on a data attribute. Add the script, add the target as data and you're good to go!

  • How to remove Gutenberg library CSS and global inline styles
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    How to remove Gutenberg library CSS and global inline styles

    Gutenberg puts out a lot of CSS by default, and it's usually more than required for any given site. It especially gets in the way if you want to fully customise the Gutenberg experience on your site.